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Manifestation – What It Is and How To Do It: Co-Creation (Part Two)


(Co-Create, Wisdom of the Oracle Deck by Colette Baron Reid)


It was Colette Baron Reid’s oracle cards, that introduced me to the idea of Co-Creation. It seems so obvious when explained, but giving the concept an actual label to work with has proved invaluable in helping me to understand manifestation.

Though we can want with all our hearts for something we desire, though we can visualise it for hours on end, and create beautiful vision boards to match, unless we take physical steps in some way towards it – it will not happen.

The guidebook explanation for the above card is as follows:

The Oracle’s Message: “You may not consider yourself a creative person, but in fact you are creating your reality every moment of  every day via your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, intentions, and actions. Yet you must consider that you do so in partnership with Spirit, Consciousness, God, or whatever name you call your Higher Power. You are a spark of this Intelligence that works through you, nudging you with inspired thought and intuitive guidance. You are a paintbrush that co-creates a beautiful, unique expression of your own individuality blended with universal Spirit. You are a product of Divine inspiration, and now you are aligned with it to create miracles. When you view your life as art, and know you co-create it, only beauty and grace result. Prepare to be amazed.”

The combination of really believing in something, working towards it, and allowing space for the Divine to help you – is the key to manifestation.

But what about if you have no real idea about what you want, but simply know that what you have/where you are is not it?

Well that means you have to start where you are.

Identify what is not working first and foremost, and spend some time in deep reflection focusing on your hidden and true desires.

Resolve to change anything that is keeping you stuck, one shift at a time.

You may require the help of a healer, a Tarot reader like me, or someone who specialises in energy work such as Reiki. You may need the help of a medical professional or counsellor.

What if you don’t believe in a Higher Power, and so do not trust that there is anything that will step in, and help you?

Believe in yourself.

Believe that you are worthy of living the rest of your days on this earth feeling fulfilled on some level, and work on creating your own miracles.


To summarise:

Manifesting for your highest good really does require a lot of inner and outer work.

Our inner desires have to be matched to our outer input in order for us to see the results that are truly going to work for us.

There are no real shortcuts.

Sure, once you have reached a state of full authenticity you may find the manifesting process a whole lot easier.

But really that is a difficult state to sustain. Things change, you change and life is a constant process of going with the flow.

So we co-create and manifest throughout our whole lives, it is quite simply what makes our lives.

How are you going to start manifesting the things you want?

I hope this post has helped.


Much love always Txx


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Manifestation: What is it and how can we do it? (Part One)


(The Magician, Vice Versa Tarot by Massimiliano Filadoro and Davide Corsi)

‘Manifestation’ has become somewhat of a buzzword lately.

Years ago it was only really on the radar of those interested in self-development books like The Secret.

It has now become a much more mainstream idea – that you can create vision boards, chant affirmations or meditate on your goals in order to help manifest your desires into reality.

Though I am one of those people who has been into self-help books for many years, I came to my current understanding of what manifestation is through the use of Tarot.

During Christmas 2017 I went away for a meditation retreat.

I got talking to one of the other participants, a doctor, who was interested in the fact that I read the Tarot.

He asked if there were any ways in which I had seen changes in my life since reading, and it suddenly dawned on me that yes, I had.

I realised that through the regular use of the cards as a tool for self-reflection, as well as becoming more in tune with moon cycles, I had begun to actually manifest my long held desires into reality.

Tarot and oracle cards for deep reflection.

For me, The Tarot and Oracle cards are tools for inner spiritual work, and ultimately for healing and guidance.

Though the cards can ‘predict’ what will happen in the future, that forecast is only based on what is happening for a person in the now.

I focus on guidance and advice when I read, because I am very clear on the fact that we create our own futures and have the free will to change course at any time.

With all this in mind, like I do for my Wednesday Wisdom posts, pulling at random – even one card – will bring a message to you about what is going on in your life at the moment.

It will bring into the outer world that which you are trying to hide from yourself.

In this way you instantly see a kind of manifestation take place.

This was instrumental in helping me to understand that most of the time we are manifesting the things we don’t want.

Because most of us are unaware of what is truly going on with us, we create things into our reality based on that confusion.

Manifestation is energy being transformed from you into the outside world.

If your energy is confused, if your energy is expecting the worst, if your energy feels unworthy – this is what will come out into the world.

In this way getting a Tarot reading uncovers just where your energy is at.

Once you have this initial awareness you can start working to change what is going on inside of you, and start to really manifest what it is you want into the outside world.

Checking in with yourself in this way regularly will really help you to align your manifestations with what you actually want.

Moon Cycles for entering into the flow

Working with astrology, and more specifically the time of the Full Moon, and the New Moon, has been instrumental in helping me to understand that participating in the flow of life is super important when it comes to manifesting.

You have to know when to let things germinate, and when to push forward.

In simple terms the New Moon is a time for planting seeds and the Full Moon is a time to reap them.

Though these times are much more fluid as all month is a process of planting, reaping and waiting.

The New Moon is also a time of being in the dark, versus the Full Moon in which the sky is completely illuminated.

This then means that as you are setting intentions at the New Moon, you have to also understand that you may not see any results until the Moon turns full.

Now this is a buildable process that is built up by consciously using the moon in this way, month after month, and year after year.

The Eclipses are even more powerful, and working with them can often lead to significant and sudden breakthroughs.

What really happens when you work with the moon is that you begin to enter into the rhythm of your own life. Though this can seemingly be an easier process for women to enter into (due to our menstrual cycles) men can do this also, every single thing on our planet is in tune with the moon – you just have to notice it.

Next post will be all about the concept of Co-Creation, and how it is instrumental when it comes to manifestation.

Much love Txx

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Wednesday Wisdom #72 – The Step Before Surrender

Birth-Rebirth, The Dog and The Swan – Wisdom of Avalon Deck by Colette Baron Reid)

There are so many things we find it hard to surrender to, the flow of life, the actions of others, the helpless situations we may find ourselves in.

Life can feel like a river full of sharp bends and strong currents threatening to take us down at every turn.

Staying afloat can feel like the hardest thing to manage.

Sometimes the river feels stagnant.

Occasionally we feel stuck, as though things are not flowing and we have no idea how to keep moving.

This week I was called to pull three cards for the message and I did so using the Colette Baron Reid online app. (I love it!)

The first card is reminding us of how painful it is to be reborn. Just like a baby who has spent nine months cocooned in a warm and snug womb, entering the world afresh can be a distressing experience (why do you think they cry so much?!)

Just like giving birth to a child, birthing your dreams, hopes and desires can also be a painful and distressing experience, so we are reminded this week not to lose heart if we are finding things tough at the moment.

We are in Aries season a time of ambitious and powerful manifestation, which is in its most potent phrase now, as we lead up to the New Moon on April 16th.

This means you may be feeling tired, drained and frustrated as you work towards manifesting things in your life, whether you are conscious of doing this or not – every moment we are creating our reality.

The next card reminds us of the need to surround ourselves with loyal and loving people who want the best for us, and who are here to support us without condition.

It is only through this combination of patience, compassion for ourselves, and others – that we will allow ourselves to be completely transformed, (like The Swan) in total surrender to the paths that lie ahead of us.


(image from https://swansongs.org/who-we-are/swan-mythology/)

Much love always Txx

P.S: The next couple of posts will be focusing on co-creation and manifestation.

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Starting a Business and Going Freelance Part 5: Crossroads Energy and the (perceived) U-Turn


(picture taken by me in Bute Park, Cardiff)

Yesterday I posted a poem titled Reborn – today I am here to use my voice to tell you the latest way in which I have birthed anew.

The Full Moon we just saw in Libra truly did balance out my thinking in an Eureka type epiphany.


A while ago I wrote this post about the importance of a day job in a poet’s life.

It also resonates with me when I look at the role spirituality is to play in my life.

As I begin to develop my work with the Tarot, and more tentatively mediumship, I begin to understand how completely necessary it is for me to have a grounded and routine career – certainly at this point anyway.

(I keep reminding myself I am only 33, I don’t need to be a Wise Woman on the mountain just yet)

Those I know in the spiritual community often remark at how grounded I am – There are all kinds of reasons for this inherent ability I have to keep myself rooted to the earth, even as I begin to ascend and raise my vibration.

One of these reasons is the fact that I am a Librarian by trade and that I love the routine and stability a career gives me.

Recently I reached a crossroads. Would I continue to work part-time as a Librarian? Declare myself self-employed alongside this and work on earning money through poetry workshops, Tarot readings and the like?

I wrote here about how naturally this transition seemed to be unfolding.

Yet I had a niggling feeling that I was not able to articulate until now.

I want to buy a house, I want to live in a city away from my family of origin, I want to comfortably be able to afford all I would need to achieve my Ultimate Dream….(more on that later)

I also don’t want my creative and spiritual processes to be stifled by the need to make a living out of them. I want to give and create with more freedom then that.

So it makes sense that I will have to work full time again as a Librarian, and trust that I will be able to carry on my spiritual, and poetical work in my spare time.

This is not a revoloutinary concept – many people do this.

Yet for a minute there I was willing to make a leap that would possibly have led to many financaial struggles and worries for me – a state that for me does not lead to the sense of well being I need to carry on with my spiritual and creative work.

I love being a Librarian. I don’t want to stop doing that yet, in fact I’d quite like to do more of it for a while again.

In this way I will be able to work towards affording the things I want in my life as well as fund my spiritual pursuits without worry.

This is quite hard for me to admit to. I was heading one way and then I made a swift U-turn.

However really it is not a U-turn at all, not in the slightest. It is actually a big giant step forward in the process of manifesting my dreams into reality.

What many of us find hard to truly connect to when we talk about manifestation, is that yes, though you can work with the Universal Law of Attraction, it is actually more akin to a process of co-creation with you and the Universe/God/Source – when you go ahead and make decisions, when you work hard to get what you want – the Universe will step up and help you along.

I don’t want the Universe to have to work so hard to manifest my dreams out of very little, I am going to give it the maximum I can in order to see maximum results.

Makes sense right?

I have this ultimate idea of what I want to be doing when I am 60 – I see it very clearly.

I spoke to a couple of friends the other day about how I go about forming goals and moving towards them.

I explained that I picture what I want my Ultimate life to be like in 10, 20, 30 years time.

Then I work backwards to see what I need to do now.

What I need to do now is build a stable, consistent income and life in order to support my spiritual growth (and have fun of course)

I understand that when it comes to my spiritual practices, my role is to heal, inspire and to teach others.

Yes one day I will be the Wise Woman on the mountain, but how does that woman become wise? Through years and years of life experience.

I am about to learn some more life.

This is humbling.

I know that I am wise beyond my years, and that my psychic and intuitive ability is advancing, yet I know that this is my life’s work! My WHOLE life’s work.

I cannot rush it.

I was trying to rush it.

I was trying to get from A -Z without hitting up J.

It’s the fire sign in me!

So now I am looking forward to my next career move within Librarianship, and my next move away from my home city.

I will continue moving forward with my spiritual pursuits with Tarot, and in the form of developing my channelling/mediumship ability – and writing the blog of course!

I also continue to send out poems, and work towards publication.

Much love and Thank you for listening, and being with me on this journey. Txx

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(Knight of Wands Vice Versa Tarot – Backwards. This card is about a call to action, transformation within and without – truly what Easter Sunday represents)


today reborn is no longer

(a voice outside)

telling us to birth


what we hold sacred.


green shards beneath multi-coloured feet

in that canal, red and hollow

orange and winged, we rise more than ourselves – but our voices

Much love always Txx

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A Recharging Bath


During this time of balance I have a little recipe for you – a recipe for the most rejuvenating bath you will have ever had!

We talked about a healing bath before – now prepare to be recharged!

What you will need:

  • A shower or a bath with some time to yourself with which to fully relax (about an hour would be amazing if you can manage it. If not take what time you can, anything upwards of 20 minutes will be fab)
  • Crystals of your choice – I use ALL of mine, Labradorite, Rose Quartz, Black Obsidian, Clear Quartz, Selenite and Turquonite. I dot these all around my bath – Hanging off taps, in the bath with me (check your crystals will not be damaged by water first), on the ledge around the bath.
  • Epsom salts – 1-2 handfuls dissolved in the water/or rub some on your body if you are using a shower.
  • Clove essential oil – 1-2 drops in the water or simply in the tub if you are showering. I love the spicy, passionate scent of this particular oil. It is vibrant and perfect for recharging.
  • Flower Petals – the colour Pink or any colour that calls to you. Float them in the bath water, or layer the shower floor with them.
  • Candles – dotted all around your bathroom (Be mindful of safety!)

Soak in the tub, or let the water run over you.

Visualise yourself refreshed and recharged – what does that look like in your mind’s eye?

Say out loud or within:

“I am reborn”


Much love Txx

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A Note about Tomorrow’s Full Moon – Balance


The date of Easter Sunday in most cases (in the UK anyway) falls on the first Sunday, after the first Full Moon, after the Spring Equinox. (Unless this Full Moon falls on a Sunday, then Easter is to be celebrated the Sunday after) – This was decided by the Council of Nicaea in 325 CE

Some orthodox Christians, including Jehovah Witness, celebrate Easter on the Gregorian Calendar or Julian Calendar.

So as tomorrow is the second Full Moon of this Month – the first Full Moon after the March Equinox – Easter Sunday will fall the day after on April 1st.

This Moon is commonly known as a Blue Moon because it is the Second Full Moon of the month, as happened in January 2018 also. (Though this is usually quite rare)

This Moon is also arguably known as a Pink Moon because of it’s association with Easter, Passover, and simply the start of spring.

The picture above of my Rose Quartz Crystal on top of my blue furry blanket , symbolises the Blue and Pink aspect of this moon, the Yin and Yang (masculine and feminine) and the fact that this Full Moon falls in Libra, the astrological sign of balance.

So this is what this Full Moon is asking us to do, we are being asked to balance out aspects of ourselves that may have slowly veered off kilter.

I have felt this process in myself rather physically as I am incredibly sensitive to moon cycles. (Which is why I write these posts, as I know I am not the only one.)

I have been regularly receiving Shiatsu treatments since the first Full Moon in January, and had my latest session on Monday just gone.

I always feel the Full/New Moon’s energy about a week in advance, so it was no surprise to feel an acute difference in the left and right side of my body during the massage – a difference I had not felt in previous treatments.

I spoke with the lady who treats me and she confirmed that yes, she also felt a strong difference between both sides of my body. She explained that it was all about balance.

I intuitively knew that my body was balancing itself out to align with this Full Moon energy.

In what ways are you seeing situations in your life balance out?

Looking at your relationship with yourself and others may provide the most obvious answers, seeing as this is also what this Moon in Libra will bring forth for us.

The sign of Libra is all about partnership, balance of course, and in that way also Justice.

It is represented by the Major Arcana Tarot Card: Justice.


(Justice, Image from http://www.trustedTarot.com)

The image holds the Libra and universal sign of balance in the form of scales. It speaks of legal and karmic justice also.

At the time of this Full Moon we will be seeing things in our physical world shift, but there will also be shifts deep within the very fabric of our lives and past (also past lives), that may just present themselves in unease or unexplained lightness.

You may suddenly understand how to right a situation, or how best to resolve a conflict for the benefit of all involved.

This is a powerful Full Moon for ourselves and how we show up in this world and interact with others.

The fact that it falls on Easter Weekend emphasises the transformative quality.

For those that believe in Jesus, this is the time in which he died and was reborn.

We see this simply echoed in springtime and the return of blossoming life.

Honour this Full Moon in any way you see fit – I will be laying out my Crystals in clear salt water tonight, down in my Garden to soak up the energy.

Lots of love always Txx